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Leveling Up Developers

AlMakinah's LevelUp Advanced Frontend Edition

Makmak has been very busy this month, with the LevelUp program coming to an end. The program caters to junior front-end web developers, who want to elevate their skills and career through learning advanced HTML, CSS, Javascript, & React. The program currently has 9 developers enrolled, who all come from different backgrounds and walks of life.
After the program, they will be ready to tap the market with a new set of skills, in the ever-growing field of programming.
This was only possible with a team of amazing instructors and mentors.

A league of Amazing Instructors

Alfy teaching the magic of CSS
Amr Draz from Drei Dev teaching advanced ES6 concpets
Omar Doma introducing ES6
Mostafa getting the levelupers in React

Mentorship and practice makes perfect

This round, many of our graduates have come back to pay-it-forward and guide others on thier learning journey.

Salah a gearup Graduate, now a levelup mentor
Habiba debugging JS like no other

This round in addition to maintaining a mentor to student ratio, we also started having study sessions mid-week to make sure students followup on content and excercises.

Mahmoud a GearUp and FireUp Grad Leading a Study Session
Mariam a FireUp Graduate Leading a Study Session

The need for senior web developers has been on the rise, especially in Egypt and the MENA region, with lower supply than the much needed demand. We are hoping that with this program we can bring more developers to the tech field.

Are you hiring?

Shoot us an email at hiring@almakinah.com