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Growing the Makinder Army

Makinder 201 getting young coders into hardware.

Mokmoks were excited with the launch of the 3rd round of Makinder, offering an advanced program for kids using multiple educational hardware tools. The first phase of the program features technology imported from the UK, specifically for the program. The second phase deals with constructing, controlling & programming different hardware components through exploratory activities.

In this new wave, 14 young coders joined the Makinder army, gaining knowledge about hardware programming, electronics, sensors, and project design. The main objective of the program is to fuse both programming and hardware aspects to have tangible output & real life applications.

Jailan the Makinder Education Experience Lead

Throughout the program the young coders got a chance to work in teams to design, build, program, & document their progress harnessing their programming knowledge to assemble their final projects using the well-known Arduino microcontroller.

Mostafa explaining the project

All the participants created impressive final projects with their estimated budgets and software. They varied from football and speed car games, to house safety programs and a drive-through audio recorder, and even a magic door that can record messages.

Makinder 201 youngesters in Action