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FireUp March 2017 — Meet the Hiring Partners: Introduction

We are very excited to be starting the first full stack web development bootcamp in Egypt this March, FireUp.

Because not any course is a bootcamp

When AlMakinah started one of our main goals was to enable and empower startups and new tech companies with high-tier technical calibers. We reached out to many of these companies to understand their challenges and problems and tried to cater for them in our bootcamp.

We were glad to have a network of early believers that are joining our bootcamp as hiring partners, offering job opportunities to our graduates and sharing their knowledge and experience with our applicants through our after hour talks.

We are going to start a series of posts about our hiring partners aiming to inform people about the startup and tech companies culture, the technologies they use and what really happens in the workplace.

Are you ready to meet our hiring partners? Stay tuned!